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FULVICMAX Humic Fulvic Acid Use for Cannabis Plants

June 30, 2021

Fulvic acid is the ultimate cannabis growth enhancement that infuses your watering with trace minerals, macro minerals, amino and organic acids, and phytochemicals from a prehistoric compost. Our engineer and customer testing has proven excellent results .

Fulvic acid is a result of the microbial breakdown of organic matter in soils, known as humus. Humus contains humic acid. Within humic acid, a sub-set of smaller molecules develop known as the fulvic fraction.

​Fulvic molecules chelate (bind) minerals in the soil creating fulvates. Fulvic molecules also exist in a free-form state meaning an acid that has no mineral attached.

The two forms of fulvic acid have a double action for plants and animals. The chelated minerals are easier for roots and cells to use, and the free-form fulvic activates your crops​

Our Fulvicmax is fulvic-dominant and has both fulvates and free-form fulvic acid, as well as trace elements, other organic, and amino acids, plus phytochemicals.

FULVICMAX Humic Fulvic Acid Use for Cannabis Plants

Rencently The use of humic and fulvic acids is becoming increasingly popular among all types of cannabis farmers, who can now take advantage of a healthy, rich and living soil that produces happy plants and therefore abundant harvests. Thanks to this substances, nutrient uptake and management are much more efficient, and root growth is simply spectacular.

Fulvic acids are applied via foliar spraying providing nutrients that are quickly absorbed by the plant. They can also be used via irrigation mixed along with your regular nutrient solution. They're ideal as fast-acting agents, being excellent root boosters.” Summarized below are potential benefits of using humic and fulvic acids:

Water retention, microbial activity and cation exchange are significantly increased

Improvement of drainage and buffering capacity of the soil

Better nutrient uptake (chelating action) and mobility, also via foliar spray

Soil toxins are less available for the plants

Plant metabolism is enhanced, being ideal for seed germination, rooting and transplantation

Enhancement of cell division, improving growth rates

Photosynthesis is stimulated, being ideal for plants in shady areas (especially when fulvic acids are applied via foliar spray)

Our distributor customer has a great article on Ganjapreneur, “To understand the effect of humic Fulvic acid could have on cannabis plants .the team conducted two controlled studies. One of these studies compared a crop of cannabis plants that were watered with their regular nutrient regimen and one that was watered with Fulvic. In this study, by the third week in vegetative growth, the plants showed distinct advantages in growth rate, height, size, number of leaves, leaf size, and water consumption. By the ninth week, the cannabis crop being fed Fulvic was 20% taller than the control group with a substantially higher number of flowering sites. These plants also showed more robust flower growth in the lower canopies and significantly better roots. By week twelve each crop showed nearly equal THC content, but the plants watered with Fulvic tested with 11.8% more terpenes along with 20.9% higher yield.”

they are good for ensuring that the roots are healthy, and that the uptake of nutrients is better. This will eventually assure that you enjoy larger yields. If you are looking for growth enhancers that are natural, then you should choose humic fulvic acid when growing cannabis.”

Science has proven again and again that a well-rounded health and growth program can, without a doubt, help reach your desired outputs

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