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How khumic fulvicmax help avocado grow

June 17, 2021

Fulvic acid is the material we use to increase uptake. This natural acid (which is also a chelating agent, a bio-stimulant and a plant growth promoter) is a cell sensitiser. Several research papers confirm the capacity of fulvic acid to increase the permeability of the cell membrane to increase nutrient uptake by up to 30%. When these two additives are combined with the avocado foliar there is no debating the response.

When you're growing avocados on your own sloping fields, you need the right soil and the right range of acidity and alkalinity. The optimal pH value for avocado growth is slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5. Because avocados are deciduous trees with shallow roots, space and pH in the soil is important.As you can see, the soil itself is a very important factor in how well avocados grow.

How khumic fulvicmax help avocado grow

Avocados grow better in porous,drained soils,especially those with limestone, sandy loam and decaying granite.Certain elements in these soils encourage avocado trees to flourish.Although avocados are tolerant of both acid and alkaline soils, the optimum pH for growing avocados is between 6 and 8. The desired pH can be achieved by periodically modifying the soil with FULVICMAX. FULVICMAX can adjust soil PH to normal value and can be dissolved both in alkaline and acid solutions. It is anti flocculation and anti water hardness. Compact soil space inhibits root growth and, worse, heap up water that not only suppress the growth of avocado trees, but also leads to root rot. Long term immersion of avocado roots in the condition of poor drainage will first lead to poor overall growth of avocado, but also lead to serious root rot, which will greatly reduce the yield of avocado, and even cause the death of a large area of avocado orchards. Therefore, good soil and drainage conditions are necessary to promote the healthy growth of the avocado tree. FULVICMAX  potassium fulvic acid will complex the metal ions in the soil. They can be converted into components that can be absorbed and utilized by plants, thereby reducing the salt in the soil, reducing heavy metal pollution, and gradually restoring the soil to health. In addition, it can increase the organic matter in the soil and provide a continuous source of nutrients for the avocado tree. At the same time, it can improve the cold resistance of avocados and reduce the adverse effects of sudden temperature drops.

High levels of salt in the soil can be a serious problem for avocado trees.If you look at the leaves of a avocado tree, you'll notice that it's the salt that's the problem, and those little leaves that are too salty can get sunburned or tanned.By using FULVICMAX for one or two years, the soil will become soft and air permeable.The microorganism in the soil will grow and breed quickly, which will increase the content of organic matter in the soil and improve the soil structure to keep moisture and fertilizer.And after 3 to 5 years,the saline-alkaline soil will be improved greatly, and it will gradually become black rich soil! The yield of avocado trees grown in healthy and fertile soil will increase by 20% to 30%.