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The humic acid used for garlic

May 20, 2021

In June 2020,we designed a field test of humic acid organic fertilizer on local main plants of garlic and achieved remarkable results.

Treatment 1 (HA1) : 200kg of topdressing humic acid organic fertilizer per mu;Treatment 2 (HA2) : topdressing humic acid organic fertilizer 240kg per mu;CK1: Equal nutrient routine fertilization;CK2: blank control.

On July 15, field observation found that all the garlic plants with humic acid organic fertilizer grew strong and strong, the leaves were dark green, the middle and lower leaves were not easy to dry up, the stems were tight and not easy to lie down.

On August 11, 5 garlic pieces were randomly selected from each treatment, and the most representative garlic was selected for determination (see the figure below).All the application of humic fulvic acid  of garlic root developed, pull out garlic by hand, bulb disk root more and long, root and soil binding degree is strong;Garlic close, garlic quality is good, less horsetail garlic, quality significantly improved.

 humic acid for garlic

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