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The water souble humic fulvic acid fertilizer for citrus

May 07, 2021

Spraying water soluble humic fulvic acid fertilizer on citrus can effectively increase the fruit Setting percentage (6.45%) and single fruit weight (7g, an increase of 5.98%), thereby improving yields (223.7 kg/mu, an increase of 12.57%) and increasing the income of fruit farmers; The humic acid fulvic fertilizer can also improve the fruits quality , Promote even color of citrus fruit surface, smoothness, and better gloss on the surface of citrus fruits; Water souble humic fulvic aicd fertilizer can bring good economic, social and ecological benefits, and it can be widely used in citrus or other fruit trees.

Effects of humic acid fulvic aicd on fruit trees.

The water souble humic fulvic acid fertilizer for citrus

1. Soil improvement

Humic acid is a porous substance. Which can improve the aggregate structure of soil. Adjust the water, fertilizer, air and heat conditions of soil, improve the soil exchange capacity. Adjust the PH of soil. Achieve the acid-base balance. Its adsorption and complexation reaction can reduce the harmful substances in the soil (including pesticide residues, heavy metals and other toxic substances). Enhance the natural purification ability of the soil. Reduce pollution. Meanwhile, due to the colloidal properties of humic acid, the microbial community in soil can be improved. Which is suitable for the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria.

2. Stimulate fruit tree growth

Humic acid fulvic acid contains a variety of active genes. Which can enhance the activity of catalase and polyphenolic oxidase in fruit trees. Stimulate the physiological metabolism of plants. Promote the young trees to develop roots quickly, have a large number of roots, have developed roots, strong and luxuriant stems, branches and leaves, strong photosynthesis, and accelerate the transfer and absorption of nutrients.

3. Enhance the effect of fertilizers

Humic acid contains carboxyl group, phenolic hydroxyl group and other active groups. Which have strong exchange and adsorption capacity. Reduce the loss of ammonium nitrogen and improve the utilization rate of Effects of humic acid on fruit trees.nitrogen fertilizer. Degraded fulvic acid can increase the distance of phosphorus moving in soil. Inhibit the fixation of water-soluble phosphorus in soil. Promote the absorption of phosphorus by roots. Also can absorb the storage potassium ion. Causes the potassium fertilizer to decompose slowly. Enhances the quick effect Potassium content. It can chelate with calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and other insoluble metal ions to promote the absorption of trace elements in fruit trees,so does the microbial growth.

4. Enhance resistance ability and improve fruit quality

Humic acid can reduce the opening of stomata on the leaves. Reduce the evaporation of water on the leaves. Adjust the amount of water. Improve the water condition in the plants. Ensure the normal growth of fruit trees under drought conditions. As amphoteric colloid, it has great surface activity and can inhibit fungus. Enhance cold resistance of fruit trees and reduce pests and diseases.

Potassium humic acid can complex or chelate with trace elements, regulate the proportion of Massive element elements and trace elements, strengthen the synthesis and operation of enzymes on sugar, starch, protein and various vitamins, make polysaccharide into soluble sugar, promote the synthesis and accumulation of starch and protein, increase fruit and sugar content.

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